Science and Technology

BM Birla Science and Technology Centre, Jaipur

The Birla Science and Technology Centre in Jaipur, built by the Birla Institute of Scientific Research, is a centre of education for young scientists and students.

Its campus includes a convention centre, a planetarium and an R&D wing. The conference halls and seminar rooms at the centre have the ability to seat up to 400 people while the exhibition space—40,000 square feet indoor and 50,000 square feet outdoor—is perfect for scientific, industrial and cultural events. The auditorium can accommodate nearly 1,300 people.

Birla Archaeological and Cultural Research Institute, Hyderabad

The Birla Archaeological and Cultural Research Institute was established in 1969 for research in the fields of archaeology, musicology, science and information technology. The institute houses a planetarium, a science museum, an archaeological museum, a modern art gallery, and the GP Birla Observatory and Astronomical Research Centre.

BM Birla Planetarium, Hyderabad

Constructed in 1985 on Naubat Pahad in Hyderabad, the planetarium educates visitors on the solar system. It houses a sky theatre with a seating capacity of 140, and has shows in English, Hindi and Telugu.