HIL Limited

Industry: Infrastructure/Manufacturing

Products/Services: Fibre cement roofing sheets, ceiling products, walling material, partitions, doors, pre-fabricated structures, flooring material, industrial insulation and low-cost housing

Established in 1946, HIL is a comprehensive building solutions provider with a rich legacy, including as India's largest manufacturer of fibre cement roofing sheets. HIL is known for its technology prowess, strong customer centricity and innovative green practices. With a vision of providing shelter to every Indian, the company is committed to developing customer-appropriate building solutions that are also environmentally sensitive.

Among its portfolio of brands is Charminar, a leading fibre cement roofing solution for the last six decades. Aerocon—a Superbrand alongside HIL itself—is a green product line that offer advanced building materials such as blocks, panels, c-board and ceiling tiles. HIL is also the only company in India to receive CE (Communaute Europeenne) certification to sell blocks in Europe.

HIL’s R&D department, recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), has developed and patented many products and processes. Further, green practices are built into every facet of HIL's operations including raw materials, processing, energy and end products. The company has received numerous awards, including the prestigious CII GreenCo GOLD award for creating a global benchmark in green practices at its plant in Golan, Gujarat, the largest blocks plant in Asia. It has also qualified for carbon credit under a United Nations programme for the manufacture of AAC blocks. Its products have been used in several Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)-certified buildings as well as top-rated Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) constructions.

The company has a pan-India presence and strong distribution network. With a combined capacity of more than a million tons per annum, HIL is India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fibre cement sheets. It also exports products and machinery for the manufacture of building products to many countries.

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